Silver Creek Habitat

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Gandhi

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Along our short - yet interesting nature trail there are many small and unique gardens. There is also a meadow where deer often graze. The meadow is lined on either side by tall trees that arch over the meadow very high up in the air. Also, lining the sides of the meadow are a variety of unique tall grasses and bird, squirrel and bat houses.


This is a bad photo of Linda, but a great photo of my favorite plant. This is a self-propagating Artic Kiwi plant. It was about 1 foot tall when I brought it home.


This a is photo of the beginning of the SCH nature trail.


This is a recent photo of our "deer meadow". Above the many different tall grasses and up in some of the trees are bird houses, squirrel nesting boxes and bat houses. Our bats and various dragon flies help to keep the mesquito populations down.


This is a senior citizen from California visiting us and taking advantage of one of our sitting stones along the nature trail. The dog (pictured above) is named "Holly". Holly was as rescue puppy that  needed a very special home, so she ended up living here.


This is our picnic table. It gives us a place to stop and sit down. An opportunity to look back at the beauty of all the nature that surrounds us.