Silver Creek Habitat

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Gandhi

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Nestled under tall trees and between many species of ferns and other lush green plants, Silver Creek winds it's way across our backyard. The sounds of it's many small waterfalls attracts wildlife from throughout the surrounding forest.


Our little piece of Silver Creek has many small pools. During the spring and summer months we see small brook trout, frogs, ducks and turtles making use of them.


Silver Creek runs all year, except when frozen over. Even then, the waters can be heard as they cascade their way under the layers of winter ice. As spring arrives, this small pond rises, providing livable habitat for brook trout, frogs, turtles and the occassional summer visits from Mr. & Mrs. Mallard (our seasonal ducks).


Through-out the year many types of animals pass through Silver Creek Habitat. Here in the trees a local family of racoons have decided to pay us a visit. If you look really hard you might be able to see someone inside the den box looking you!


This is an experimental blue-bird house (left) and a regular size squirrel house (upper right - on tree). This squirrel house is just one of the many here at SCH.


Our little nature trail contains a number of smaller gardens along the path. Our 2-legged friends find them enjoyable to look at, while our 4-legged friends find them delicious!


This is our original SCH tool shed. We built it from pieces of a 100 year old corn crib & a few scraps laying around the garage. Now it's been taken over by critters just looking for shelter from old man winter. Some "outhouses" have a star on the door, and others have a half-moon. Do you know the difference between the two?


This is a young Kestrel that lost it's way and ended up trapped inside of a warehouse. After being checked out at Tuft's University Wildlife Center, it found a new home with a Mass. state licensed rehabilitator.