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"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Gandhi

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Welcome to Silver Creek Habitat...

     Founded in 1999 by Robin & Linda West, Silver Creek Habitat is a 501(c)(3) non-profit wildlife habitat & animal sanctuary. We are located in Monson, Massachusetts. We provide year-round food, water and shelter for wild animals.  We also act as a soft-release center for local wild animals, in conjunction with licensed Animal Rehabilitators.  All animal release cirteria is governed by the rules and regulations of MassWildlife. We ourselves are not animal rehabers. Our Habitat is available to the rehabers for their use. Our Habitat has been certified as an Urban Wildlife Habitat and Sanctuary by The Humane Society of The United States (reg. # 818) and by The National Wildlife Federation (reg. # 31400).  In addition, we offer special services and assistance to licensed animal rehabilitators and other wildlife related non-profit organizations. 

As housing construction and tree harvesting spreads throughout the land, animals have fewer and fewer places where they can live and raise their young. As the wildlife population condenses into smaller areas, food becomes scarce. The animals that do not starve to death are now easily targeted and over-hunted. The growing number of cars and trucks on our roads has led to a decrease in animal populations. The roads themselves often times become barriers between the home of an animal and its only source of food or water. Pollution of our environment often times goes unnoticed until animal remains are found in what once was a pristine habitat.

Those of us at Silver Creek Habitat believe that humans have a responsibility to respect and properly manage our environment. This includes respect and quality management of all animals, large and small. This is why we exist… because animals cannot speak for themselves. Animals have no adequate defense against the wheels of progress, except for people like us, and hopefully you.

One of the services we provide is an Animal Ambulance service. This service is available FREE (weekends only by appointment) for licensed animal rehabilitators and other animal rescue professionals.  If you are interested in this service, Please call (413) 267-9111 and leave a message.  We will return your call as soon as possible.

We also assist other animal and nature non-profit organizations in various ways. It is our fondest wish that someday, together, with the help of others, we can establish a larger and safer animal habitat.

 Please enjoy the following pages and photographs of Silver Creek Habitat. The last page of this website offers helpful web-links. Here you can find links that will answer many of your questions.  Please enjoy your e-visit with us. Thank you…

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We found this little baby deer the day after it's mother fell victim to hunters in the nearby forest. The fawn was hidden beneath an overgrowth of plants and poison ivy. When we found her, she was scared, hungry and crying. With the help of the Monson Police Dept. and the Monson Animal Officer, this little baby fawn found a new home at Tuft's University. (This is the actual photo from SCH)


Making a wildlife habitat is something anyone, any age, any location, can do. It can be as simple as a bird house, feeder and bird bath on an apartment balcony. If you are interested in starting your own habitat, please look at our INFO HUB page for helpful links. You can also eMail us here at SCH if you would like.  When emailing us ALWAYS INCLUDE "SCH" OR "THE HABITAT" in the subject message line.  Emails without this notation will automatically be deleted.  Thank you...


Hey there licensed ANIMAL CARE PROFESSIONALS! SCH also operates an Animal Ambulance service that may be able to assist you with your unique animal transportation needs. Please visit the INFO HUB page of this website for more information, or you may call us direct on our ambulance line: (413) 267-9111